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The air-cushioned legs on the board provide superior shock absorption, as well as a genuine rebounding effect- in which core muscle groups are developed in a safe manner. Exercises of high intensity and long duration can be performed on the board, with minimal impact on the joints.

The special feature and trademark of Billy’s BoomBoxing Board is its air-cushioned legs. The combination of a step board and air-cushioned legs provide for a genuine rebounding effect, in which core muscle groups are developed in a safe manner. The user is enabled to perform rebounding, step, stability, and aerobic exercises all on the same piece of equipment. The board is also small enough to be easily stored away, as the legs can be quickly assembled or removed in under 15 seconds.

Product Benefits

1.  The board’s air spring legs allow the user to perform a multitude of different types of exercises for all muscle groups with minimal impact on the joints.


2.  As the board is a hybrid between a rebounder and a step board, many exercises unique to each of those platforms can be performed on this one piece of equipment.


3. Simply bouncing in-place on the board is an excellent and enjoyable addition to one’s workout- whether jumping on the board as part of a warm-up, for a post-workout cooldown, or as part of an entire conditioning session.  


4.  Unlike half-ball or balance training platforms, the flat shape and ultra-low profile of Billy’s Boomboxing Board allows it to be quickly and easily be stowed away while not in use… or just leaned up against a wall without taking up a wide footprint.  


5.  Using a jump rope often causes shin splints and is hard on the knees and ankles, but jumping on the board as an alternative provides the user with much greater shock absorptionwhile simultaneously working their cores.


6.  This board also doubles as the ultimate vertical desk footpad for the home or office!  It’s super-comfortable to stand on- especially in comparison to standing on the floor, or on a typical footpad.  In addition, kids absolutely love jumping on the board while playing at home!


Supports Your Goals

  •  This board is an excellent training platform to have on hand at one’s home- especially if time is short, or if gym access becomes limited due to one’s schedule or location.  Most people don’t have access to a treadmill or stationary bicycle within their own homes, but the board can easily substitute for a cardio machine if a trip to the gym can’t be made- helping people stay on their fitness programs without missing a workout.
Good to Know
  •  Billy’s Boomboxing Board has been rigorously tested out by MMA fighters and amateur boxers over the past year.  The board is now regularly being used by top fighters for rehabilitation and core training exercises at a world-renowned MMA training facility! The Bakkaboard has a 100% identical design to Billy's Boomboxing Board, both maximizing overall balance and stability while limiting pressure on your joints